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SecuHost CMS is an ideal solution available for companies having active websites addressing multilingual customer base. SecuHost CMS offers full liberty to customize contents in different languages without making separate versions of each page. This feature alone makes SecuHost CMS an ideal choice.

The solution comes with lots of features that help companies maintain their website even with staff having little or no prior knowledge of web development. You can rely on this product if your site has enormous growth potential and you are worried about its proper management.

The solution is also ideal for both developers and designers who wish to create multilingual websites with full control on custom designs and coding. With ample support and services, companies planning migration of websites to SecuHost CMS will experience seamless transformation.

Training videos and support resources are being added regularly to help understand the solution in better ways. SecuHost CMS is highly affordable as compared to other competing products. The solution is scalable and customizable to cater complex needs.

Why Choose SecuHost CMS?

Help you to do work easier and convenience

Built to Last

Higher Traffic and Data Demanding Optimizations

Easy configuration and administration.

User rights and roles.

Default and localized resources.

Built-in and custom controls.

Layouts, masters and pages.

Versioning and users activities.

Supports CSS and scripts including jQuery and responsive design.

Search engine optimization.

Support cashing.

Dynamic modules and forms.

Admin Control

Better Stats. More Control

Items module (blog / news / courses / etc.)

Taxonomy module (CAT, tags, keywords)

Media module (docs, images, videos)

Workflows (status, type)

Bulk actions (bulk move / delete)

Comments module.

Video management.

Gallery management.

Voting module.

Site membership feature for user registration and secure page access.

Providing You Reliable Uploads, Downloads, & Backups

We Give You the Stats You Need to Optimize User Experience

We Make Security & Privacy One of Our Top Priorities


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